silence and zombies

The concept of taste is itself outmoded. To like a work is almost the same as to recognize it. Value judgments are fictional for the listener who finds him/herself hemmed in by standardized musical goods. The right to freedom of choice can no longer be exercised. People have learned to listen without hearing.

– Theodore W Adorno

The conversation between Adorno and Benjamin that led to Adorno writing the essay On the fetish-character in music and the regression of listening 


Douglas Lance Gibson took a whole bunch of shots of Snake and I hamming it up for an interview he did that’s going to make up an upcoming issue of Distort. A love letter to Al. I’ve played in three bands with him for ten years now. True love.

legends of oz punk

it makes me mad that i like this.

Rick Owens paris home.

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Bonnie Prince Billy - Black Captain

Det sjunde inseglet (Ingmar Bergman, 1957)

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